Christianity is under attack in Europe. Yes, most people have heard the name Jesus, but few understand or even realize what a personal relationship with Him means. With the rise of Islam and other religions, as well as atheism, I believe that we need to reach Europe on a larger scale than what we’ve been doing.

Face to face evangelism is vital. One on one conversations are indispensable. And the local church is needed to reach out to their local communities through events, social action and anything relevant to their neighborhood. What I would like to offer is an added layer to all of these. Online apologetics.

Young people today are extremely visual and spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, making this a huge resource for broad scale evangelism. Statistics say that the second largest search engine on the web after Google, is YouTube. Add Facebook and other social networking sites to the mix, and we’ve got a very powerful tool. My desire is to challenge young people and answer their questions in fun and creative ways using short videos and multimedia to ultimately lead them to Christ and the Truth.

The application for such a ministry is vast. People could use these videos as a tool in school during debates, to use during sermons, to start discussions, download on their smart phones or iPods and use during evangelism, not to mention sharing these videos online with their friends through the various social media. The possibilities for such videos are endless!

A secondary aspect to these videos is for training purposes. For example, what is New Age all about? How do I reach my Muslim neighbor? What do the Mormons believe? There is a huge need for good training videos. We often are afraid of sharing our faith with those around us because of a fear of not knowing the answers to the various questions.

My goal is to provide such videos to reach the lost and to help Christians share their faith with boldness.